Jose Extends Lead And A Rookie Wins Career First Event

Written by Marcus

At the elite level of the PBR, a 90-point ride normally places a bull rider in a great position to win the round and event.

In the final regular-season event of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Unleash The Beast, there were three 90-point rides. Yet the bull riding equivalent of a three-run homer only placed some riders within the top three of the round and top four of the event.

Even with a monster 94-point ride on Heartbreak Kid (38-2) – the highest score of his career – 2017 World Champion Jess Lockwood still only placed third in the Team Cooper Tires The Money And Ride in Nampa, ID

But, it was a 92-point ride that helped soaring rookie Dalton Kasel win his first elite series event.

In Nampa, there were big rides. And there were very rank, difficult-to-ride bulls.

To go back to the baseball analogy, on the night of an epic series-ending blast sinking the Yankees, the bulls of PBR put up a a lot of strikeouts and delivered some big home runs.

In round one, there were only eleven qualified rides, which meant riders not able to make the eight-second whistle could still find a way into the championship round. There were a few standout rides in round two.

Scottie Knapp rocketed to the round lead after an exciting 88.25-point ride, ensuring a spot in the championship round while earning 100 world points for winning the round, which helped Knapp move up from world No. 41 to 37 – the bubble spot – to qualify for the PBR World Finals November 6-10 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The round winning ride can be watched here.

Dalton Kasel, world No. 10 ranked bull rider and the Rookie of the Year race leader was looking to build on his 41.25-point lead in the rookie race. The runner-up to the 2019 college bull riding title was focused going into his matchup with Saint Joe (7-1) and it showed, Dalton handily made the 8-second-second whistle for 87.25-points, which propelled him to the event lead and second pick in the championship round.

Chase Outlaw, world-ranked No. 3 ranked bull-rider, came into round two with an 88-point ride on Red Snapper (2-1), and was looking to improve upon the score on The Tickler (3-2). The matchup went Chase’s way, earning an 86.25-point ride to tie for the lead in the event with Dalton Kasel and top pick in the championship round.

World No. 2 Jess Lockwood looked to a matchup with Roadkill (0-1) to find his way into the championship round. Lockwood capitalized to the tune of 85.75-points to secure a spot in the championship round.

Mason Taylor, world No. 11, opened round two with his dance partner Suspicious Minds (5-3). Taylor continued his recent hot streak for an 84-point ride, punching his ticket to the short round.

The championship round draft had some great matchups against the top four bovines in the YETI Bucking Bull of the Year race: Smooth Operator, Smooth Wreck, Fearless and Heartbreak Kid. A few of the draft picks against this impressive bull power stood out.

Chase Outlaw, was seeking the magic that brought him to a dramatic victory in Cheyenne this past July by picking Smooth Wreck (14-3), who he had ridden for 93-points in the arena where his career had nearly ended one year earlier.

For the second championship round in a row, Jess Lockwood went big and picked Heartbreak Kid (38-2), hoping for another monster ride on the bull that had reeled off a nearly-historic buck-off streak.

Dalton Kasel picked Fearless (19/5) for his championship round dance partner with an eye on his first trip to the top of the Can-Am cage amid a shower of sparks and bursting confetti after the event.

Cooper Davis, world-ranked No. 5 bull-rider drafted Speed Demon (13-5), a bull who has given Cooper big-time points in the past. This was no different, with Cooper able to take the bull’s power away for the 8-seconds for a 90-point ride, garnering the Texan third place in the round and fourth in the event earning him 155 world points. Watch the ride here.

As for Jess Lockwood, it appears he’s figured out a bull previously unrideable, this time for a personal record 94-points. Lockwood’s trip on Heartbreak Kid took first in the championship round and placed third in the event earning 285 world points. Watch the ride here.

Jose Vitor Leme world No. 1 bull-rider drafted Whiskey Bent (6-3). The Brazilian standout was able to make the 8-second whistle for 88.25-points, placing in him fourth in the round and second in the event, earning 380 crucial world points and extending his lead over Lockwood to 416.66 points over Lockwood heading to world finals.

Chase Outlaw and Smooth Wreck came out of the chute and it appeared early on that Chase might have a repeat performance from the Cheyenne event and another high point ride. Short of the 8-second whistle, Outlaw was jerked down and lost his rope. You’d need both hands, maybe more to count how many times Outlaw has bucked off after 7 seconds this season. Although there were no fireworks for this matchup, Outlaw was able to earn 148.33 world points and placing fifth in the overall event.

Dalton Kasel and Fearless made a great pairing for the championship round: poetry-in-motion for the full 8-seconds. A very comfortable Kasel posted a huge 92-point ride to secure the event title. Check out the event winning ride here.

This is Dalton’s first career Unleash The Beast event title, and the smart money says it won’t be his last.

Kasel earned 580 world points, which catapulted him from world No. 10 to No. 7 in the world standings and allowed him to place distance between him and the Rookie of the Year contenders heading to World Finals in Las Vegas.

If a Hollywood scriptwriter were asked to write a better way for the final-regular Unleash The Beast event to unfold, it would be hard to top just how exciting and action-packed the Team Cooper Tires Take The Money And Ride event inside the Ford Idaho Center played out.

CBS Sports Network will be broadcasting coverage of round two and the the championship round starting at 6:00 P.M. EST on Sunday, October, 20. This event is one fans will not want to miss and should watch for the amazing rides in both the second round and the championship round.

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