McGregor vs Mayweather Jr, Ali vs Frazier, Tyson vs Holyfield, and now the newest boxing super fight has been announced. On February 5th in West Virginia, we will get Conseco vs Football. That is right, Jose Conseco has finally succumb to all of Billy Footballs shit talk, and agreed to fight the Pardon My Take intern Super Bowl Weekend, at Rough N’ Rowdy.

After about a month of speculation, the announcement was made official on todays episode of Pardon My Take. February 5th, West Virginia, Billy Football is fighting Jose Conseco…It is official, the contract has been signedsaid PMT Co Host, Big Cat. I previously wrote that Big Cat instigated this fight Vs Canseco about two years ago when defending his new boss A-Rod. Fast forward to now, Big Cat is a “ Father and Fatter “and does not want to fight anyone, let alone Jose Conseco.

Big Cat thankfully now has a meathead intern to do his dirty work for him, so once Jose came calling, it was inevitable Billy Football would be the one who answered. Jose Conseco taking the bait, and actually agreeing to fight Billy is hilarious. This guy is one of the most prolific baseball players of all time, 6x time all star, 2x World Series Champion, and is now getting into the boxing ring with a 20 year old blogging intern? 20 years after retiring? Holy shit. He totally seem to be handling retirement, and being out of the spot light pretty well. I certainly don’t think he is trying to stay relative anyway he can, yikes.

Billy Football un surprisingly is not lacking confidence ” There is a very good chance he dies in the ring… I would commit manslaughter, not murder “ says Football. When asked a follow up, Billy thankfully clarifies that ” For the record, I have no intent to kill him “. This is a huge moment for Billy Football, who is as big of a fan of steroids as anyone, fighting one of the guys most famous for abusing those same steroids. You cant make up these story lines folks. I cant wait to see Pardon My Take have a field day with the Jose content leading up to Super Bowl Weekend. I don’t think Jose has any clue what he is getting himself into as far as verbal judo goes, he may lose the fight before it even starts. This will certainly be a Rough N’ Rowdy to remember.

Also very interested if the offer from Dave still stands? Either way, go Billy Football!

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