Jorge Masvidal Issued Stay-Away Order for Colby Covington

Written by Noah Gagnon

After attacking Colby Covington on the streets of Miami last month, Jorge Masvidal has finally faced his first of what seems to be a long list of punishments. Jorge Masvidal will have to remain 25 feet away from Covington, 500 feet away from his residence, and cant contact him directly or indirectly. If violated by Masvidal, his conditional release will be revisited.

I still think its kinda crazy that its Masvidal being forced to stay away from Colby, despite the fact that when they fought a sanctioned bout Masvidal looked completely helpless and overwhelmed. If anyone should be asking for a restraining order is Jorge. The guy got completely mauled in there. Why would he even wanna go near Colby after that beating?

It’s interesting how Jorge can’t even contact Colby ‘indirectly.’ I can only assume that means no tweets, no rants on podcasts, no interviews, just gotta keep his mouth shut. Colby though? That guy’s gonna go on a tare when he gets back there. It’s just gonna be Colby completely ripping Jorge for months, and Jorge legally can’t retaliatte. He lost the fight, and it looks like he’s losing this battle too.

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