Jorge Masvidal is Paying His Fighters in Bitcoin

Written by Noah Gagnon

Today is the debut of Jorge Masvidal’s Bareknuckle fighting promotion Gamebred Fighting Promotion, and it was announced that Masvidal will be paying bonuses out in the form of Bitcoin. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t take the BMF for much of a crypto guy, but hey, the guy’s an innovater.

I respect the sentiment behind this, I really do, but there’s some definite flaws in the system. Not to stereotype, but bareknuckle fighters don’t exactly strike me as the kinda guys who are gonna be slick with crypto. Half of these guys are gonna forget the password to their bitcoin wallets, and there’s gonna be $5k just sitting in there for eternity.

But hey, maybe GFC gets some bitcoin buzz going and the value spikes a little bit. Probably won’t happen, definitely won’t but who knows. Dana White should pay Jorge in bitcoin his next fight and see what happens, could be on the cutting edge of crypto. Elon Musk, Dana White, Jorge Masvidal whoever created DOGE. Crypto mavericks.

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