Jorge Masvidal Insults Conor McGregor on Twitter

MMA Twitter has its newest feud, and this time its Jorge Masvidal vs Conor McGregor. McGregor got things going by calling out Masvidal for pulling out of his fight with Leon Edwards, and Masvidal promptly responded. Check out the tweets.

If we’re playing the ‘ratio’ game, this one goes to Conor, but he’s also got 9 million twitter followers, so what can you expect. How awesome would this press conference be? Conor loves going at Masvidal for the Versace robe, and as a non-Versace robe-wearing man, I really can’t relate. But McGregor loves that stuff.

And, I really respect Masvidal for going after the old man thing, as that’s never really been brought up in an argument with Conor. Plus, the phrase ‘too much man for you little guy’ is just such an alpha dog saying. I don’t even have to watch these two fight, I could just listen to them insult each other all day and be completely entertained. OK, I actually would have to see the fight. But, you know what I mean.

Numbers-wise, this really could be one of the biggest fights in UFC history. It’s arguably the sports two biggest stars, and two best promoters and the BMF belt could easily be on the line. It’s a perfect matchup, really. It lets Conor fight for some sort of belt without having to give him a title shot, and it’ll let him fight a guy who’s definitely not gonna try to take him down. And if Masvidal wins, he’s vaulted even further into an elite level of stardom that very few fighters have ever reached. I’m here for this fight.

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