Jordan Clarkson Traded to Jazz

Written by iamthunder

On Monday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers dealt shooting guard, Jordan Clarkson to the Utah Jazz, one of their regular trading partners in recent years, in exchange for guard, Dante Exum, and two second round picks.  

This is a move that will help the Jazz tremendously, but won’t help the Cavs right now. In 29 games coming off of the bench for the Cavaliers, Clarkson was averaging 14.6 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists. In the team’s nine wins, Clarkson was a leader coming off of the bench, and could be a solid candidate for sixth man of the year now that he is with a winning team.  

The Cavaliers did draft two guards in the 2019 draft. One of which is Kevin Porter Jr. He’s been a regular off of the bench, playing in all but two games so far this season, averaging 7.9 points, 3 rebounds, and 1.9 assists. Their other pick, Dylan Windler, has yet to play this season due to an injury.  

Exum is a completely different story. In 11 games he hasn’t played well, averaging 2.2 points, 1.1 rebounds, and .6 assists.  He will most likely be sitting on the end of the Cavaliers bench, and will not be seeing much playing time. 

I continue to criticize my hometown Cavaliers for playing for the future. Playing mediocre basketball in an attempt to get high draft picks that aren’t guaranteed to be amazing players. Ask the Pelicans how that’s going for them so far.

I understand they probably won’t be signing any big-time free agents any time soon, but the “Tank for __” strategy doesn’t work all that often. Cleveland could be waiting for another winning basketball team for a long time.

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