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Jonathan Gannon Is A Weasel, Liar And A Backstabbing Fraud

Written by Tony Ghaul

Eagles former Defensive Coordinator and current Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon brought out the anger of many Eagles fans during his two years.

The Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this past February brought out even more anger from Eagles fans for the way his defense played in the second half.

Since, he’s been gone, Gannon has not stopped running his mouth. He went into the details of the two key plays that hurt the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

In an interview with Zak Keefer of, Gannon mocked his critics who have tried to blame him for the loss, before defending himself for team’s inability to stop the Chiefs on two fateful plays.

Both of the plays happened because the Eagles defense did not react to the player in motion. The first one was a touchdown pass to WR Kadarius Toney. Gannon smugly said that the play should have been covered.

Then, on the next drive, the same damn play happened again. Chiefs WR Skyy Moore used the same move to get wide open on the other side of the field.

Two exactly similar plays and the defense seemed unprepared for both of the plays. This falls directly on Gannon. He’s the Defensive Coordinator. He’s in charge of the defense.

Instead of using all of his time for preparation for the Super Bowl, Gannon was also preparing for and gathering information for his interview with the Arizona Cardinals.

This man was still employed by the Eagles. His complete focus should have been on the Super Bowl. To make matters worse, the Cardinals tampered with Gannon.

This weasely fraud also wants to take credit for Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni giving up the offensive play calling. He claims that he told Sirianni, when the Eagles were sitting at 2-5 in 2021, to turn over the play calling to Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen.

The Eagles say that none of what Gannon said about Sirianni giving up the play calling is true. Gannon is a backstabbing liar.

Jonathan Gannon’s defensive play calling and game planning against good quarterbacks was frustrating and for most part ineffective, as QBs would have big games and the Eagles elite offense would bail him out.

Arizona enjoy the fraud that you have as a Head Coach. It’s going to be long year. Yes, your roster is weak, but your Head Coach is a weasel and a fraud.

Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon. Photo courtesy of Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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