Jon Jones banned from his own gym

Written by Noah Gagnon

Today owner and head coach of Jackson-Wink MMA Mike Winklejohn announced that Jon Jones is banned from training at Jackson-Wink until further notice in wake of his domestic violence arrest. This might not seem newsworthy given the current nature of Jones’ situation, but it’s actually extremely telling as to the severity of this incident.

In all of Jon’s past arrests, never once was he banned from the gym, so the fact that they’re turning on him is an awful sign for Jones.

I don’t think there’s any way not to support this decision from Winklejohn. Jon might still be the top dog at Jackson-Wink in terms of pure fighting talent, but at the end of the day he’s not the only one training there. There’s women, children, and the general public all using that gym, so it’s just not a good environment for them to be around a guy who’s dealing with such heinous issues as Jon is at the moment.

Plus, as crazy as it sounds, this could be the wake-up call Jon needs. Sure he’s experienced the media, and the fans, and the UFC brass coming for his throat before, but his own gym? That’s gotta sting.

It should be noted that the suspension is currently “temporary,” but what if it transcends into a permanent ban? What does that mean for Jon’s career? I’m sure there would be hundreds of coaches lining up to work with the greatest pure talent this sports ever seen, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll mesh well with him. This seriously could be the beginning of the end for Jon Jones, should we even see the guy again.

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