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Jon Bostic of The Washington Football Team is a Piece of Shit

Written by Jleibl

Can anything go right for the Dallas Cowboys? They lose their star quarterback to a devastating ankle injury, their defense is disgusting, their head coach has no idea how to coach a football team, and now, Andy Dalton takes an absolute DIRTY hit and didn’t even know what year he was in.

Dalton was clearly sliding and Bostic comes launching in and take Dalton completely out. Absolutely pathetic play and Bostic ended up being ejected from the game and in my opinion, should be handed a suspension over this hit. As much as we love hard hitting football, there is ZERO place for this in the game. Get this scumbag out of the league.

Andy Dalton was taken off on a stretcher and we all hope he is alright. The Cowboys are left with their third string quarterback from James Madison, Ben DiNucci. I hate the Cowboys just as much as the next regular NFL fan, but I hope DiNucci comes in slinging and brings the Cowboys back to destroy the Washington Football Team.

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