Johnny Knoxville Turns 50 Proving Anything is Possible

The genius behind ‘Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville turns 50 thus proving anything is possible. If you were to tell anyone that Knoxville would make it to age 50 after watching him do crazy stunts for well over two decades no one would believe you.

I owe a lot to the Jackass franchise growing up me and my buddies had no busy at ten years old to be jumping off roofs, nut tapping each other, and all of the other crazy shit we tried to mimic them do on MTV but it was so fun. Knoxville really changed and influenced a lot of peoples childhoods and inspired a generation of people willingly inflecting pain on themselves for the pure point of views and comedy.

Certainly no one thought that Johnny would make it to 50 but I am so happy he did. Thank you for everything Knoxville you are the man.

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