John Cena has a very love/hate relationship with the WWE Universe. While much of the “smart” fan base loves booing Cena, the casual fan base saw Cena as their triumphant hero that they enjoyed tuning into each and every week on Monday Night RAW.

While I have always been avid supporter of Cena from a business standpoint; the man led the company and carried it on his back for the better part of fifteen years. I can respect that, regardless of the character he portrayed on television. I even enjoyed watching him on Total Divas and Total Bellas where he essentially portrayed himself, often acting as the voice of reason to his then girlfriend, Nikki Bella.

But the questions is, why in the heck did Cena not fight hard enough for Nikki when she broke up with him? I mean, if any other red blooded American male is dating Nikki Bella, they do everything in their power to hold onto her forever. No matter how annoying or inept she may come across. You lock that down, no matter what.

Speaking of John Cena, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has reported that John Cena may very well be making his way back to WWE in July. While Cena has not been seen in a WWE ring since WrestleMania 36 during the “Firefly Funhouse” match with Bray Wyatt, speculation is amid that he will be returning once the WWE first begins touring again in July. Having Cena for the very first show on July 16th appears to be important to Vince McMahon according to Meltzer.


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