Joey Chestnut Is Immortal. New York Post Reports That Eating 1 Hot Dog Takes 35 Minutes Off Life

How is Joey Chestnut still alive?

I mean by this study which what idiots are conducting this study? Joey Chestnut should have died in 1776. I mean this morons don’t know that you cannot kill Joey Chestnut and he will live forever. This is the wildest thing I have ever read. I could not imagine being a Joey and logging on Twitter today and seeing himself trending and people are saying he should be died.

This is bizarre too me but apparently they make studies about everything and if you say you are with ‘some credited university’ no one bats an eye. My thing is how did they even conduct this story have they had people in labs eating hotdogs at various different times in the last couple of years and see who and who has not died? I mean seriously what a weird study.

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