Joel Embiid Needs To Fight John Collins After Collins Wears The Most Disrespectful Shirt Possible

Written by schultzyca

Imagine being John Collins and turning down 90 millions dollars at the being of the year, most be a nice feeling to feel so secure. But that is not what this is about, John Collins probably just wore the most disrespectful shirt of all-time for his post game interview after the Hawks eliminated Philly from the playoffs.

If you are Embiid you have absolutely no choice but to meet John Collins outside and fight I mean I do not make up the rules that is just them. I mean this is an unreal move by Collins and you have to respect it.

What a ballsy move on his part to have it made and wear it in the event the Hawks advance. Both of these two guys are extremely annoying so I don’t know whose side I would be on but I would like Embiid to go wait outside for John Collins so they can fight. Don’t think it will happen but I feel as though Collins left him no choice.

Crazy to think Kevin Huerter probably ended ‘The Process’ the NBA landscape will be totally different this coming summer. What a weird world we are in now were we are printing out t-shirts of players dunking on eachother and them wearing it at post game press conferences.

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