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Joel Dahmen – The People’s Champ – Is Now Talking About Drinking Beer After The Round With A Fan

Written by Jonathan Garner

Joel Dahmen is a man of the people. He has made that very clear lately and I do not see that changing anytime soon. In this past year, he has started creating YouTube videos with different channels to help grow his name and it sure is working for him. He is now one of the most popular people on tour, just this last week he did something that has never ever been seen before on the golf course. He just so happened to be paired up with his good buddy, Harry Higgs, on the final round at one of the most drunk fest tournaments of the year. So they both made sure to not disappoint the crowd as they left the green. Take a look and enjoy this clip:

After watching that, you will see a little bit of what Joel is all about. He is the peoples champ, I was able to exchange a few words back and forth when I was at a PGA event in Detroit this past summer and even in the short minute of talking to him he will make you laugh. Now let’s watch the most recent video of what happened today at the event. Joel is not the first one to be heckled by the fan, but you will notice once he is there.

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