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Joe the Janitor’s Girlfriend is a Dimepiece!

Written by Mike Rickard II

Joe the Janitor’s girlfriend is a smoking hot dimepiece. How does he do it? Joe is your everyday Joe (no pun intended) who works in my office mopping the floors and making sure things are spic and span. However, I met Joe’s girlfriend when we happened to be buying Coke from the same vendor. She’s a lovely woman, very pleasant and she adores Joe (who seems like a great guy(). Nonetheless, I was surprised to see him with someone who could be a model (and may be).

While the phenomenon has been seen many times on TV (so much that it has its own section at that treasure trove of pop culture, TV Tropes: Ugly Girl, Hot Wife), it still astounds many men when they see an extremely physically attractive woman with a nondescript or even slovenly man.

Joe the Janitor may resemble WWE Superstar Kevin Owens (albeit a fitter version) but he’s his own guy

Joe is a lucky man. Not only does he have a sweet, loving, (and smoking hot) girlfriend, but he won the Cash for Life prize in a scratch-off a couple years back. Just a reminder that you don’t have to be a pro sports athlete to have an attractive girlfriend.

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