Joe Rogan Ranks Top 5 In Dumbest Person On The Planet

Written by EricLyonsTV

I want to start off by saying that anyone who takes medical or life advice from the guy who hosted Fear Factor has bigger problems than contracting COVID-19. Joe Rogan has always been an idiot but he’s dialed up the dumbness to the max during this pandemic. Joe Rogan told young people like myself to avoid the vaccine because both of his kids got it and it was just like a cold. Well Joe, people are dying. Millions of people were not as blessed as you and your children, there have been a lot of young people that have died from this virus. He has basically been telling his millions of viewers that the vaccine isn’t going to work, the government is trying to control us, basically spewing a bunch of conspiracy theories and hypotheticals. Rogan has little to no facts when speaking on these things it’s truly frightening how many people agree with this man. I really think it’s telling that Spotify allows him to continue to do these things on their platform, it’s insane. The spread of misinformation will be the death of people, misinformation has been a killer in the past and still is today. This guy said people don’t know history then proceeded to say that until 1776 all countries were under dictatorships. Basically stating that America invented democracy. I know kids in the 5th grade who can tell you that’s a complete lie. A simple google search of the word democracy will tell you that it’s been around since ancient times. If you ask Joe Rogan, George Washington was president in ancient Greece. I would say that Joe Rogan is dangerous but he has a target audience, that audience was at the Capitol on January 6th, and they aren’t vey smart people.

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