Joe Judge should be fired as Giants head coach if he starts Mike Glennon over Jake Fromm on Sunday vs Chargers

Written by Doug Rush

Joe Judge should be fired as Giants head coach if he starts Mike Glennon over Jake Fromm on Sunday vs Chargers

When Mike Glennon suffered a concussion in the loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, it paved the way for Jake Fromm.

Fromm has yet to play in a single game since being drafted by the Buffalo Bills. He’s been a practice squad player since his arrival to the NFL, but has worked his way up to the main roster.

Last week, he was the backup quarterback for the New York Giants. This week, Fromm is taking all of the snaps as if he will be the Giants starting quarterback since Glennon was dealing with concussion issues and Daniel Jones is still out with a neck injury.

Yet, there’s now talk that if Glennon gets cleared to play, he will start for the Giants and not Fromm.

Folks, we already know what Mike Glennon is. 2-16 as a starting quarterback. He’s not any good.

We don’t know what Fromm is yet in the NFL. Not a single snap with the exception of practice and preseason games. That’s it.

The Giants owe it to themselves to see what Fromm can be under the lights and against an actual NFL defense.

The Giants wanted to see what Jones could do when they sent Eli Manning to the bench, a move that was understood by the rest of the league and the Giants fans because they wanted to see what Jones is, and has since been the team’s starter.

Starting Glennon over Fromm would be like Ben McAdoo trying to see sell the Giants fan base of Geno Smith playing over Davis Webb because Geno gave the Giants the best chance to win at 2-9.

We knew that was total horse manure, and if Joe Judge is going to try and sell Glennon being the Giants best chance to win at 4-8, then he is no better than McAdoo was in 2017.

Mike Glennon isn’t going to take the Giants to the playoffs. At this rate, the Giants should be seeing what they have in Fromm and evaluate if he’s a decent quarterback or not. It’s what bad football teams do when they aren’t in a playoff race. The Giants at 4-8, are not in one.

So if Judge tries to sell Glennon being the Giants best option to win as opposed to seeing what Fromm can possibly do for the future of the team and to evaluate his talent, then Judge clearly has no idea what he’s doing as the head coach.

That type of move is not one an NFL head coach should be making when they need to prove to the fan base and to the franchise that they deserve to keep their job.

Starting Mike Glennon over Jake Fromm is an absolute fireable offense.

Whether it be after the game or after the season, if Glennon starts over Fromm, then the Giants need to fire Judge as the head coach and find someone else who has a clue on how to properly coach the team.

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