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Joe Johnson Is 40 Years Old, And He’s Making A Return To The Boston Celtics

Joe Johnson is about to show the WORLD that age is just a number!

I mean COME ON; who would have ever thought that we would see Joe Johnson back in the NBA? Who would have EVER THOUGHT we would see Joe Johnson back with the Boston Celtics? This is SO DOPE; it feels like we’ve stepped into a time machine, and traveled back to the early-2000s! I mean what’s next; are we going to see Tracey McGrady “lace em up” one last time? Are we going to see Allen Iverson come back to Philly, and help lead the 76ers back to the promised land?

(I doubt it, but that would still be cool!)

Now granted, I get that this is probably a “COVID-signing,” since everyone and their mother is experiencing an “outbreak” in the league right now…….but I just feel like this is the RIGHT MOVE! Joe Johnson can still ball, as shown by his stat-line in the “Big 3,” (22.4 Points, 10.4 Boards, and 3.6 Assists per game). And, not only that…..he’s about to show these “young-bloods” HOW IT’S DONE!

Simply put; Celtics by a million!

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