Joe Harris to get surgery, will miss extended time

Written by Noah Gagnon

Here’s a little depression for your Monday afternoon. Joe Harris is gonna miss extended time, as he’s expected to undergo ankle surgery soon. Harris came down wrong on his ankle a few games ago, and I guess team doctors decided that surgery was the best option for Joey Buckets.

If you’ve been a Nets fan for the past few years, this is absolutely brutal news. Not just because the Nets are gonna be without one of the best shooters in the league, but because Joe Harris is the freaking man. I love that guy.

He’s the last standing member of the D-Lo Nets, and despite their mediocrity, they were undeniably one of the funnest teams I’ve rooted for in my lifetime. Now the entire roster is comprised of buyout guys, or dudes that have been there for under two years. Joe was an OG.

But, from a basketball standpoint, thank god this team signed Patty Mills. If Joe went out, and Patty wasn’t there, literally none of these role guys would be able to knock down a 3. Joe and Patty have the top 2 and 3 three point percentages in the league! Absolute sharpshooters, and its gonna be unstoppable when they’re back on the floor together.

To Joe: If you need anything, anything at all, I WILL DO IT. A ride to the hospital? Got you. Ankle massages? No problem. If you need me to drive to Brooklyn and tape up your ankles because the entire Brooklyn Nets training staff called in sick and you decided you wanted me to do it, I will be in the car in 5 minutes. Love you.

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