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Joe Budden Just Came Out As Bisexual And I Support Him But I Did Not Expect This

Wow, I did not expect this news whatsoever. I’m not at all hating on him or anything I fully support bro actually it’s just very surprising to me for a couple of reasons. First of all he never gave off vibes or even seemed to joke about it, I know there is no agenda on how someone bisexual or homosexual should act or such but it is that most of the time the people around them usually know, or hardcore fans in the celebrity world. This though came as an absolute surprise to all fans and people that don’t know him closely including the die hard Joe Budden fans, maybe his friends knew i’m not sure it just surprises the fans. The other reason I am shocked is because of the community he is in, we can all most likely agree the rap community isn’t the most excepting group of people, artists or fans. There is going to be a huge amount of support from other communties and a handful of rappers/rap fans but I also can tell there is going to be an outpour of hate.

I don’t want to make any excuses for the people who will hate like boosie or such, but I can understand it in some aspects. Boosie was brought up in an area where that isn’t tolerated and you get beat or even killed for being that way. It’s not just boosie either many rappers grew up with that mindset but a lot of them don’t mature out of it and learn right from wrong. I mean the ones who mature and aren’t scumbags about it are the ones who make it out of their environment and stay out of trouble. The ones hating though are the ones still fucking up and still doing the dumb shit and a lot of them are still in shitty areas. I hope Joe doesn’t receive too much hate he’s a cool guy and damn near brave for coming out in this community. We here at ProSportsExtra support Joe Budden’s coming out.

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