Joe Buck Gives Another Great Explain Of How Bad He is

Written by schultzyca

I hate Joe Buck. Like I really cannot stand this man, I would rather listen to Jessica Mendoza on repeat than listen to Joe Buck.

I know waterboarding is frowned upon and I think I found the better solution, lets but the terrorists in front of the T.V and listen to Joe Buck call a sporting event, I bet you the terrorists start talking immediately. Joe Buck sucks and he only has a job because of his dad lets not forget that.

There is no announcer worse than Buck like it is not even close and this dude gets everyone commentator job. Like does Joe have blackmail on someone, that is the only logical explanation because he really is so bad.

I don’t know I honestly will not listen or watch any sporting event if I know that guy is calling the game I rather do something more production with my life, for example bash my head into the wall.

Like if you honestly like Joe Buck you should be locked up and evaluated for being crazy and have your right to vote and drive a car stripped away because you are a danger to society, seriously like go screw yourself.

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