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Joc Pederson Wins Back To Back World Series

Written by austenlange

All-Star Outfielder joined a list that not very many people are on. Winning back to back World Series Championships. Now, most people who do this typically remain with their previous employer but in the case of Joc Pederson, it’s different.

After the 2020 season the World Series Champion Dodgers decided to part ways with Joc Pederson and sent him to the midwest to join forces with Anthony Rizzo, and The Chicago Cubs.

Spring training roundup: Joc Pederson hits two more HRs as Cubs top Rockies  | Reuters

In July, The Cubs decided to start a fire sale of their entire lineup and moved the young slugger to Atlanta to join the Braves. The Braves made this move only a few days after losing the face of baseball, Ronald Acuna Jr. This move ended up doing the Braves well as Pederson added the spark and swagger needed to help elevate this team to not only win the division, but also their first World Series in over 20 years.

Will Pederson repeat and win a 3rd straight title? That’s still all up in the air, but for his sake I hope he does it.

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