JJ Watt Sweepstakes: Packers, Browns, Or Steelers?

On January 1st, I wrote a column entitled “Here’s Why JJ Watt Must Leave The Houston Texans.”

It wasn’t exactly rocket science, but JJ Watt was never going to win a Super Bowl with the Houston Texans. Harsh but true. It wasn’t going to happen. No matter how much the fans loved him, no matter how much, he loved the city, no matter how great of a guy he was with the entire community, no matter how much he was paid or who was at the quarterback position – the Texans and Watt weren’t going all the way. It sucks because I love when a star athlete spends his entire career with just one team and is eventually rewarded with a championship victory. It just feels much better to do it that way, doesn’t it?

At the same time, JJ Watt is a future Hall of Fame inductee. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He will be considered one of the all-time greats on the defensive side in NFL history! That man deserves a Super Bowl trophy. He deserves a ring. He deserves to have 100 million viewers watching him celebrate in confetti. As sentimental as that all sounds, his legacy calls for it. The best deserve to be recognized as champions.Thus, it was no surprise that the Texans and Watt have indeed parted ways. As I wrote about last month, it felt inevitable this off-season. What was shocking was the Texans simply letting him go. Respectable and mutual I suppose. Props for that…but you could have received SOME kind of trade off. For sure, nearly the entire league would have made a play for him.

Regardless, that is the past. The Texans bought themselves some good will and simply let him find a new home. Now we look towards the future – where will JJ Watt land?

Back in January, I suggested the Green Bay Packers. I live in Wisconsin and have been here my entire life. Thus, I admit my bias. I am guilty. When I wrote the column seven weeks ago, the Packers were riding high and looking for another successful post season – all the way to another Lombardi Trophy baby!!! Well, that didn’t happen. Now with the dust still settling and Aaron Rodgers sitting there as league MVP and questions still looming on the team’s future outlook, the Watt deal seems unlikely. Just a gut feeling. The green and gold have other issues at hand to take care of first. If Watt wants to take a major hometown discount (a Wisconsin boy), then great! If he wants to get paid and also contend for a Super Bowl, sorry.

My other two favorites are the Steelers and Browns. Ridiculous as you would think he’d want to play for the NFC for a change but nope, these two teams are most likely to go after him big time. The AFC North is certainly up for grabs, and these two sit at the top. The Steelers make sense because of the Watt brothers connection and always in a position to contend. The Browns make sense because they took a giant leap in 2020 and with money to spend a defense ready to boost up the ranks even more – Watt is the guy to put them over the hump. Steelers and Browns are my likely destinations for Watt.

In a dream world though, why not the Packers? Already contenders in a weak division, have an MVP QB (for now at least), have the hometown allure in Wisconsin and would just be a PERFECT fit. I know salary cap issues are to be handled, but that can be done with tricky financial moves. We’ve already seen the Packers try to clear room; all they need to do now is move some Rodgers money, and boom! If A-Rodg knows that a deal with JJ Watt is possible, um yeah, he will negotiate and help out the team. The only man who may want a Super Bowl more than JJ Watt is Aasrton Rodgers. He tasted that glory once before over ten years ago and has fallen short countless times since…

…he wants it…and we want it.

JJ Watt to the Packers please?

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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