JJ Watt Signs With The Arizona Cardinals – WHY?!?! @JJWatt

Written by jwatry

Well, the wait is over.

JJ Watt shocked the world Monday afternoon by announcing he is signing with the Arizona Cardinals.

Yep, those Arizona Cardinals. He has a better shot at winning a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Cardinals!

I had believed the hype behind the Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers. I thought for sure Watt was leaning towards a new area to live in AND a chance to contend in the National Football League. I mean, it all seemed to make sense…at least in my mind. The Arizona Cardinals never ever felt like an option. Total surprise here. Why would Watt sign with them then? Why?

Ding ding ding! That might be the reason. Unless he was really getting low balled by other teams (doubtful) or he was really scared by the cold weather elsewhere, does Arizona make sense to anybody? Bueller? I know he may not be quite in his prime, but the dude was going to get paid, and he surely had to be thinking of a Super Bowl. Surely, I was wrong. We all were.

JJ Watt wanted to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. Good for him I suppose. Just…doesn’t add up for a guy that supposedly didn’t care about the dollars.


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