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JJ Watt Considering Joining Cleveland Browns?

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

As soon as All-Pro JJ Watt was released from the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns were the first team to show interest in him and the feeling is mutual. At the age of 31, Watt has accomplished quite a few things in the NFL but winning a Lombardi trophy isn’t one of them. The Cleveland Browns almost made it to the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for Mahomes and the Chiefs. And they’re looking to improve their defensive line that couldn’t get to the quarterback as much as they like.

The Browns have the cap space to sign Watt along with the aspirations of a championship. We’ll have to see if Baker will be the guy to lead them to the promise land. There’s not doubt that with the addition of JJ Watt the Browns defensive line would be terrifying.
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