JJ Redick’s Rant On People Clowning The Timberwolves Celebration is perfect @jj_redick

Written by schultzyca

If you’re not a listener of The Old Man & The Three you should be. JJ has a great podcast where he dives in to the game of basketball and the NBA that we don’t typically get because he is a former NBA player and a very smart player at that.

In this episode of the podcast he dives into why people should not be clowning the Timberwolves for acting ‘like the won the Finals because they won a play-in playoff game.” To quote Redick “it fucking mattered.”

He is spot on in his assessment when he says people think that as soon as a professional athlete signs their contract nothing matters now because it is their job and they do not need to care about winning.

You can see how much this win mattered to the Timberwolves players and fanbase. That is why sports is so awesome because it brings people together on more of this real level than anything else.

An for a franchise who historically has been very bad this is a huge win that could possible change the trajectory of their franchise and start them on a path of a ‘winning’ culture.

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