Jimmy Butler Stayed Up Until 5am After Game 1 Loss Says “I have to impact the game more than I ever have before.”

Written by schultzyca

Jimmy Butler has a lot on his plate tonight and going forward in this series with Goran Dragic most likely being done for the season and Bam Adebayo questionable with a neck injury. He told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols he has the impact the game more than he ever has been before. That isn’t a small task either, whether you hate Jimmy Butler or not he has fantastic this year and the Heat maybe overachieving but has fully embraced the underdog mentality of this team and pushed them to be great.

With Jimmy as the team leader and go to guy that is something you want him to say he wants to take this challenge and shock people I wouldn’t bet against him. Sure the Heat have no small task going against the LeBron and Anthony Davis lead Lakers but there is one thing about Jimmy this guy doesn’t quiet. I love Jimmy Butler he isn’t for everyone but you need a guy like him he’s a dog plain and simple. He loves playing the game of basketball and that is so evident will never understand the hate or slander people throw on him.

Jimmy has an underdog mentality that is who he is and I believe him this Heat team is different obviously I don’t believe they will win the Finals but I expect them to win one or two games this series. They are a tough, physical team that is well coached and believe in one another. Jimmy is the perfect fit for this team and I am happy he has found a home in Miami.

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