I mean I cannot dispute this guys facts here. I am 1000% sure he is wrong, but I love the dramatics.

Let’s look at this for what it actually is and let ourselves be a bit outlandish.

Michael Jordan is/was a bonafide MEGA STAR. I mean the mother fucker sold out arenas in PARIS…. I don’t even think they knew what a basketball was until he showed up to that shitbag country.

Jordan obviously a megastar degenerate,(a closeted degenerate) probably liked to stick his dick inside of the many women who decided to try and make bank off of him.

Now, I am not and will not say this was Jimmy’s mothers intentions. Maybe her and MJ had a love that burned so strong that he decided his best course of action would be to go out and about to make sure that his name, image, and likeness wouldn’t prohibit his young son from being amazing.

I mean we all know what a HUGE loser his son Marcus is.

Now maybe MJ did this so his son Jimmy could be the best he could be. Or maybe this is all one crock of shit and MJ isn’t the father of Jimmy butler. Just like Wilt Chamberlin didn’t fuck 10 million women.


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