Rumors have been flying around this week that Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler and NBA analyst Rachel Nichols have been engaging in pre marital coitis. CRAZY concept to accept, I know. Now there is absolutely no evidence to back this up but when I see everyone on Twitter UNANIMOUSLY agree on a topic it must hold some small resemblance of the truth.

This interview just makes all the sense in the world if this is true. I mean Jimmy Butler is throwing out the biggest, “fuck me eyes” I have seen.

Butler also received a noise complaint inside of the NBA Bubble, and when questioned he said it was from, “dribbling a basketball”. Horse shit.


I mean as guilty as guilty could be with this proof. The internet has done what it does and turned this into a giant meme fest and I am here for it.

All in all, we have no damn idea what the fuck actually happened but I like to play Devil’s Advocate. Shoutout to Jimmy, a confirmed sex haver.


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