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Jimmy Butler and Rachel Nichols Have Been “Knocking Boots”

Written by austenlange

Rumors have been flying around this week that Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler and NBA analyst Rachel Nichols have been engaging in pre marital coitis. CRAZY concept to accept, I know. Now there is absolutely no evidence to back this up but when I see everyone on Twitter UNANIMOUSLY agree on a topic it must hold some small resemblance of the truth.

This interview just makes all the sense in the world if this is true. I mean Jimmy Butler is throwing out the biggest, “fuck me eyes” I have seen.

Butler also received a noise complaint inside of the NBA Bubble, and when questioned he said it was from, “dribbling a basketball”. Horse shit.


I mean as guilty as guilty could be with this proof. The internet has done what it does and turned this into a giant meme fest and I am here for it.

All in all, we have no damn idea what the fuck actually happened but I like to play Devil’s Advocate. Shoutout to Jimmy, a confirmed sex haver.

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