Jim Harbaugh’s Future at University of Michigan Is Answered!

Written by Chris Powers

Has Jim Harbaugh overstayed his welcome as the head coach of Michigan’s football program? In my opinion, I think Harbaugh still needs some more time to get things right. I don’t care who you are or what you think you know about the game of football, but you cannot deny that Jim Harbaugh is a damn good coach both at the professional and collegiate levels. Harbaugh’s future at Michigan, at least for now, is relatively safe after receiving a contract extension and a vote of confidence from Michigan athletic director Warde Manual.

“I think it’s, given the contract, obviously, I am willing to be patient,” Manuel said. “Obviously, he and I understand that. This is Michigan. Nobody wants to win more than Jim in football and me overall. We want success. Did I put a number to his first year? The answer is no. I want him to move forward and build this and continue to drive us to have success in football. Again, nobody wants to have more success in football at the University of Michigan than Jim Harbaugh. “So, for me, he has the flexibility, he has that space to continue to drive that success here, whether it’s on staff, his staff or recruiting. It’s not a short-term play for me. We’ll see how the season plays out and make decisions accordingly. This is something that I want to work, he wants to work, so there’s no minimum numbers or maximum numbers. And I don’t, with my coaches, interact in that way.”

Despite Harbaugh being safe, there has been a huge overhaul in his coaching staff. The only coaches who have survived all the changes are new offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, special teams coach Jay Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.  

With that said, Harbaugh added to his coaching staff yesterday afternoon as former University of Michigan offensive lineman Courtney Morgan was hired to the Wolverines’ recruiting staff as the program’s Director of Player Personnel.

“Courtney is a Michigan Man through and through,” said Harbaugh. ”His impressive track record will help our program tremendously. I’m looking forward to his fresh perspective and new insights from a recruiting and player development standpoint. Michigan Football welcomes Courtney back to the athletic department and university community.”

Harbaugh’s first two seasons started out great, but the last two have not been so hot. Getting a victory of Ohio State would be a huge start. Since Harbaugh started as Michigan’s coach in 2015, they have yet to beat Ohio State. My hopes are that Michigan turns things around this year and becomes a big threat again in the Big 10 conference.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Fuck the Buckeyes. Go Blue.

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