Jim Harbaugh has been having his name be tossed around for quite some time now. Nobody truthfully knows where his mind is at, other than himself. In my opinion, I do believe that he will be staying at the University of Michigan. But others see it different. Sportsbooks have released what they see happening, and for the Harbaugh lovers, it is not good.

-200 odds to be the next Miami coach is being quite the heavy favorite. I do understand that he has had a long meeting with them and the Dolphins came out and said that he seemed very interested. So he must be going to Miami then, right? Wrong, because the Vikings also came out today and said that he will be the next head coach over in Minnesota. Nothing really adds up anymore.

After all is said and done, everybody will have their opinion of where he will end up, and if he stays then he won’t be committed to the team anymore. I do not believe any of that, because Harbaugh is a Michigan man and whether he is in the program or not, he will 100% be cheering for the Wolverines and wanting nothing but the best for them. He is also still under contract with Michigan, so if he wants to go about and see what other teams have to offer then he can do just that. It does not mean he is leaving. Maybe he is doing this so Warde Manuel will pay him what he deserves. Maybe he wants to see how much money the NFL is willing to pay him, and if Michigan isn’t willing to match that, then he’s out. Nobody truly knows, but what we do know is that he is talking to multiple NFL teams while at the same time going on recruiting trips, and doing the Michigan job at his fullest.


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