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Jim Harbaugh Is Going To The NFL?

Written by Jonathan Garner

NO! He isn’t leaving Michigan anytime soon and here’s why; for starters, HE’S A MICHIGAN MAN! And if it was about the money then he would not have took the drastic pay cut, and then proceed to donate all of his bonus money to the University staff members. Not only that, but he came out and said to the media, “I will coach at Michigan for free.” with that being said, it makes it hard to think he would want to leave after coaching one of the greatest seasons in recent Wolverine history. Him beating OSU and then winning the big ten was the happiest anyone has seen Harbaugh in years! He just accomplished exactly what he needed to do when accepting the job at Michigan, so why leave right after you just created a new beginning? Exactly, it doesn’t make sense. He already has had so many high talented recruits sign for this upcoming 2022 season, he plans on taking the team back on offseason trips again like what he did before Covid started, the man is so far from leaving UofM it shouldn’t even be a debate.

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But Jon, the NFL will pay him more than what he is getting right now at Michigan. No doubt, for obvious reason’s, the University of Michigan needs to sign him to a new contract and compete with the coaches like Mel Tucker and James Franklin when it comes to the salary. Those two coaches just signed a HUGE extension to their team and are making tons of money; so yes, Harbaugh should be getting a big contract coming his way, and I am more than positive that they are working on that right now as you read this.

Yes, I am aware that Harbaugh succeeded very well in the professional ball game, and I know that there are teams that would love to have him, like the Raiders, Bears, Giants, etc. The only issue, is that he would not love to have them. Harbaugh is staying with Michigan whether you like it, love it, or hate it.

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