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Jim Harbaugh Chokes In Another Big Game With Loss To Michigan State

Jim Harbaugh was supposed to be the savior for Michigan football when he got hired in 2015 but hasn’t lived up to the hype whatsoever.

When Harbaugh returned to the college game who got put on this pedestal that he never deserved to be on when media and fans alike bestowed him to be one of the best football coaches in the world, NFL or Collegiate. Harbaugh is a good coach but he got put in that class of great coaches when he shouldn’t have been put in that position and now Michigan fans are left wondering what’s next after yet another loss to a rival after Saturday’s choke job against Michigan State.

Where do the Wolverines go? Harbaugh is the hometown guy and the messiah that has turned out to be a fraud. Harbaugh has no issues boasting his chest and having this abundance of arrogance against teams of way lesser stature than the Wolverines goes into the fetal position as soon as any sort of adversity creeps in. This was the perfect time to quiet any doubters you may have by beating an undefeated Michigan State team on the road to improve to 8-0 but yet again you couldn’t beat a team that can punch you in the mouth.

Harbaugh is a deadman walking in my opinion because “little brother” has turned into your daddy over the last decade and Harbaugh is a big part of the blame during his tenure there, the bigger part belongs to the university itself. Michigan has this idea that they’re about everyone else in everything so when new coaches come in like Rich Rod, Brady Hoke, and now Harbaugh, you have this expectation that teams will lay down for you because you’re Michigan.

If Michigan wants to get back to being the real deal again it’s time to hire a Head Coach that produces in big games instead of crumbling down when there’s a little bit of pressure on them. Harbaugh has proven time and time again you can’t rely on him in the big spots and it will only get tougher and tougher to win anything of substance when the team right down the road are getting the better-recruiting classes because they hand you L after L. Hopefully for Michigan fans this chapter is over for Michigan football, if not, good luck with your sanity.

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