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Jets QB Zach Wilson Is Frustrating Teammates

Written by Tony Ghaul

As the games get bigger, New York Jets QB Zach Wilson continues to come up short or just flat-out not show up.

On Sunday afternoon against the Patriots, the Jets QB had another atrocious game. Wilson completed 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards. That type of production is not going to win many games in the NFL.

The Jets punted the ball ten times, their last of which turned into a Marcus Jones return for a game-winning touchdown.

Playing badly on the field is one thing, but Wilson is also rubbing his teammates the wrong way with his attitude in the locker room.

“Sources inside the Jets’ losing locker room told SNY that Wilson was walking around after the game ‘like he isn’t the problem,’” Connor Hughes of SNY reported. “It rubbed more than a few the wrong way, frustrating several others.”

After the game, Wilson said “no” when asked during his postgame press conference if he felt his play let the defense down. “I think you have to take into account it’s windy as hell out there, too, guys,” he added.

One of the major responsibilities that comes with the franchise quarterback position is taking every bullet there is to take for a loss, even sometimes when it is not your fault. It’s called accountability. Teammates recognize real. Zach Wilson does not get it. The New York Jets have a quarterback problem.

The Jets QB Zach Wilson. Photo courtsey of Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

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