Jets QB Josh McCown Is Really Good At Basketball [VIDEO]

Written by TrevStone

Current New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown dropped a quick hoops mix tape and he is surprisingly good. The NFL quarterback is mostly known for being a journeymen, playing for eight different teams.

Josh McCown is grateful for having been a 5-foot-4 point guard in high school.

“When you are moving your feet on a basketball court it’s the same thing as being in the pocket,” McCown explained. “You don’t know when somebody is going to come at you and you have to slide your feet and be quick. It helps you with those situations.”

McCown played three seasons at Southern Methodist before transferring to Division I-AA Sam Houston, which ran a more passer-friendly offense. His hoop dreams did not abate, however. He played with SMU basketball players during the summers and seriously considered trying out for the Sam Houston team following the 2001 football season. Fortunately for McCown, an NFL scout advised him strongly against acting on the impulse.

“I was going to see the head basketball coach and a scout grabbed me and said, ‘Son, I don’t know if you understand but you’re going to get drafted in the NFL,'” he recalled. “You don’t need to do that, you need to get ready for the combine.”

Maybe the Knicks should give him a call?

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