New England Patriots

Jets Feel Patriots Turbulence

Written by Connor McLoughlin

The New England Patriots extend their lead to 8-3 in week 12 of the NFL and the New York Jets fall to them with a final score of 27-13. Sure, the Jets got on the board first and were able to tie the game, but they couldn’t keep up with Tommy Touchdown and his ensemble of teammates.

What I thought was an issue today in week 12 of the season was the amount of penalties that the Patriots had; there were at least nine within the first half and that just screams inconsistency! How will the Patriots address this issue for week 13? Everyone needs to be on their A game and if not, these penalties will contribute to their downfall in the playoffs.

Overall, it was great to have Gronkowski back in the game after having back issues and Josh Gordon has finally found his place within this Patriots team, he just needs to fine tune some minor inconsistencies and he’ll be operating at 300% ⚡️

Sony Michel and Julian Edelman took some big hits in today’s game, having Michel walk off, but then returned later which was a relief; Edelman fell hard onto his right elbow, but stayed in the game (not sure how that will affect his shoulder though 😬).

Now as the Patriots prepare for week 13 against the Vikings, who are in 2nd place in their division at Gillette Stadium they will have to start strong and take no prisoners.

P.S. Congrats to Tom Brady on being the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards regular and postseason (but can you finally get that one last rushing yard)!!!


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