Jersey Jerry Bashes Quarterback Justin Fields On Twitter

Jersey Jerry of Barstool Sports has recently bad mouthed my quarterback on twitter. He was at an event with multiple NFL stars, one being Chicago Bears starting quarterback, Justin Fields. He asked Fields for a picture and he said he rolled his eyes and said, “ sure, I guess”.

I think Jerry should shut his fat ass mouth when he talks about my QB1. I am going to have some class and not talk about his quarterback, simply because I have class. I for one think his quarterback is a stand up guy and he should follow his lead by keeping his mouth shut. Just like Mitchell Trubisky kept his mouth shut when Jerry sent him a message welcoming him to his shitty city. Thank you Mitch for not associating yourself with such trash. 

Jerry should reevaluate which kinds of quarterbacks piss him off. The ones who rape or the ones who simply roll their eyes when some short dirty looking mother fucker ask for a picture. Judging from the picture, Jerry either smelt like body odor or he overwhelmed Justin with too many sprays of his awful cologne.

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