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Jersey Jerry And Jeff Nadu Almost Threw Hands Before The Telethon @Jerrythekid21 @JeffNadu

Written by schultzyca

The greatest office feud Barstool has had in awhile is coming to a head on December 10th when Jersey Jerry and Jeff Nadu fight at Rough N’ Rowdy.

This feud has been going on pretty much since Jerry was hired full-time only a few months ago. It certainly is a confusing feud but these guys really don’t like each other and that is what makes it real and interesting.

It really is going to be fun too see these two guys in the ring going at it because they almost just threw hands during a pre meet before the telethon has even started.

I have my money on Jerry because this is more than a fight to him its about respect and he will be fighting for guys that are in the union. You don’t mess with Jersey Jerry and I think Jeff bite off more than he can chew. Its about respect!

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