I’m actually shocked. I didn’t think that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be out telling people that they should get their covid vaccine but he is.

I actually agree with Jerry Jones? Yup! I also have my vaccine, I think that its your choice and so does Jerry. But his quote about it is one of the best.

“Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health & their body…until your decision as to yourself impacts negatively many others. “We have got to check ‘I’ at the door & go forward with ‘we’.”

Or…. Does Jerry just not want to lose out on a bunch of money this season if his star players are out from covid? That could also be it. When you have star players who haven’t gotten the vaccine it’s probably in the back of Jerry’s head that he has to do ‘his part’ to get them to get it. He can’t have stars missing games, he will lose out on money. Hell, I’m shocked that somehow Jerry Jones doesn’t have an unground incentive program for players who get the vaccine.

I didn’t watch the last episode of Hard Knocks but it makes me wonder if we will get any of the Jerry Jones covid talk on the episode.

Oh well. I feel like if you’re not getting the vaccine for yourself and only because people are telling you to that you probably shouldn’t get it.


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