Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has found himself under the spotlight after the Washington Post published a photo of him in 1957 in the presence of other white students in Arkansas’ North Little Rock High. He is seemingly trying to prevent African-American teenagers from entering the school.

Defiant white students at Arkansas’ North Little Rock High School block the doors of the school, denying access to six African-American students enrolled in the school September 9, 1957. Moments later the African American students were shoved down a flight of stairs and onto the sidewalk, where city police broke up the altercation. CIRCLED: 14-year-old Jerry Jones. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

Jerry Jones has already acknowledged that he was indeed that teenager in the photo, he tried to downplay the incident when asked for comment about it.

“I don’t know that I or anybody anticipated or had a background of knowing … what was involved. It was more a curious thing,” Jones told the Washington Post when asked about why he was there. Details surrounding where he was and how he got there seems to contradict his stated intentions.”

The future owner of the Cowboys would go on to play for an all-white football team at Arkansas, winning a national title in 1964 alongside Dallas’ future head coach, Jimmy Johnson, who was also Jones’ roommate. He would later hire another former Razorback, Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer, to replace Johnson.

Jones has voiced objections to the NFL’s Rooney rule, requiring teams to interview at least one outside minority candidate for top jobs, and he has never hired a black head coach or lead executive. (Jones keeps the GM title for himself, and his son, Steven, serves as the Cowboys’ chief operating officer/executive vice president/director of player personnel).

The Washington Post story also wondered why Jerry Jones has never hired a Black head coach since he took over as the Cowboys owner.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. Photo courtsey of NJ.com


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