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Jemele Hill Posts Videos Of Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, and Barstool Sports ‘Racist’ Rundown

Written by JohnnyB

In another attempt to be relevant again in the sports and internet community, Jemele Hill is digging up old dirt on old Davey Day Trader, and the mothership. This is a typical Michigan State playing little brother vs Michigan spite fest. Not only was she sharing the video below, but multiple other videos. If you’d like to view those videos, click here to watch multiple videos she considered racist.]

Jemele Hill going for Dave Portnoy’s Throat. It’s a fantastic move for Hill who hasn’t really been relevant since she “settled” with former employer ESPN. She’s not the best or even average at her knowledge in sports or talking about sports, but going after Dave is Genius! Jemele doing this seems pretty crazy seeing she’s had her share of bad tweets, click here for tweets she should be fired for.

The way to the top of the internet content game is always taking on barstool and their band of crazy loyal stoolies. Was what Dave said a little insensitive, maybe in some people’s eyes I thought he was just being honest and playing on many cultural stereotypes even his ow Jewish heritage. I thought it was honest and truthful. Stop being so damn offended by everything and learn to laugh assholes.

[Click here to watch multiple videos she considered racist.]

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Update: These Tweets By Jemele Hill Should Have Her Canceled!?

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