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Jeff Saturday will be coaching on Sundays, can the Colts win a game with him?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Do the Colts know something we don’t? What offense was Jeff Saturday running with his high school team that this could’ve happened. Imagine being a coordinator on the Colts and getting passed over by some ESPN fatso (he looks good) drawing dicks while breaking down plays. 

Can’t remember a guy getting hired mid season that wasn’t on the team already, let alone not currently coaching, or ever coached. Dan Orlovsky should be getting ready for Dan Campbell to be fired. He could be next up. How long has Jim Irsay been plotting this? Did Jim Irsay just shoot a text this morning asking what he’s doing next Sunday?

Excited to see what this offense looks like, it can’t be worse than yesterday’s performance. If they score 21 points I’ll call it a success. Hopefully he can teach the hogs up front that are taking up most of the payroll how to block again. 

Hot take: I bet Jeff Saturday goes back to Matt Ryan. His lack of mobility will think he has Peyton Manning back there.

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