The wrestling world was shaken to its very core this year with the Speaking Out movement, which indicted a number of big training facilities. This has led to a cry for more women’s trainers and training facilities. Now, we have another one and a major one at that.

Mission Pro Wrestling hosted the Tournament Out of Hell this weekend. Following her first round match, Thunder Rosa announced the Dogg Pound Dojo. The other two trainers? Rodney Mack and Jazz.

Jazz, a former WWE Women’s Champion, is one of the biggest women’s wrestling stars of all-time. Jazz is known primarily for her time in WWE, ECW and the NWA. Mack, her husband, is also a former WWE superstar.

Thunder Rosa recently lost her NWA Women’s Championship and has signed with All Elite Wrestling. She’s known for her time in ROH, Lucha Underground and Stardom.

There is no word on when exactly the Dojo will open.


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