I love when players will come out later and say they played through some injury. Jayson Tatum claims to have played with a broken wrist in the playoffs. I simply call bullshit. He’s just in the bargaining stage of grief and I only say he’s lying because I truly believe that nothing goes over Woj’s head. 

The finals have been over for two months now. Playing in the NBA Finals is a drag, you’ve been playing basketball for eight months, everyone is hurt. The NBA Finals requires you to overcome things like injuries. Jayson battled a broken wrist and Dryamond battled the basket. Dryamond won, Draymond is the embodiment of a champion. does this make Steph’s fourth ring “Mickey Mouse”. 

Jayson Tatum should’ve just kept his mouth shut because now he just looks soft. I’m officially putting the soft label on Jayson Tatum, dude needs to get hard. It’s probably that little ass kid making him such a pussy.

Image Via: https://celticswire.usatoday.com/2022/08/15/nba-boston-celtics-tatum-2021-22-footwork/


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