Jayson Tatum Looks (Pause) HUGE

Written by schultzyca

What is Jayson Tatum on? The most disrespected superstar in the NBA looks absolutely jacked in recent photos, and it has everyone wondering what did he do this offseason?

This transformation is crazy his arms look so disproportional it is insane, his arms literally look like an action figure. This change has certainly caught the attention of Twitter and everyone has been reacting, even Utah Jazz star Donavon Mitchell

Jayson Tatum in my opinion is a top-10 player in the league and I feel as though he is the most slept on. The Celtics certainly did not have a great season last year, but it certainly was an odd season last year with COVID restrictions and playing in front of no fans.

If I was a gambling man I would bet on not only the Celtics but Jayson Tatum having a really good year. That transformation is crazy though!

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