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Jaylen Brown Just Ended Miles Bridges Career And Charlotte Loves Tatum

I just want to start off by saying I hope Mike Bridges gets well because Jaylen Brown just absolutely assaulted him with this dunk. This is worse abuse than assault case in Canada, I mean holy shit JB is a monster. Now this doesn’t really surprise me at all since we have seen him and Tatum are fucking dunk bros. If we had two balls in a game Tatum and Brown would be running dunk trains on dudes I mean they are just disgusting and they showed it tonight. They both absolutely balled out I mean JB had 30 and Tatum had 41, just fucking monsters.

What’s even crazier is that our guy Jayson Tatum is getting MVP chants in Charlotte, like he wasn’t even born in charlotte or have any ties. If you have an opposing city crowd chanting MVP for you says something, it just shows Tatum is slowly changing the game. I mean he could easily be the next Lebron if he keeps up this play and this popularity stays and trust me I’m 100% here for that. Boston is on the rise and Tatum and Brown are like fucking Kobe and Shaq without the titles.

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