Odell Beckham Jr. complains more than an NBA player.

On Fox NFL Sunday, Jay Glazer reported that OBJ has now made it known to some that he wants out of Cleveland.


Beckham has been with the Browns for a grand total of 12 games and he has apparently already had enough. Beckham was also unhappy with the team that drafted him, the New York Giants, which prompted the trade to the Browns.

The Browns, of course, were the offseason darlings, making splashy moves after going 7-8-1 last year. The added Beckham to an offense that featured Baker Mayfield and OBJ’s best friend from college, Jarvis Landry. The three worked out together last offseason, pushing speculation that OBJ would be interested in going to the Browns.

According to Glazer, OBJ has stated that he never actually wanted to go to Cleveland.


You wanted to be traded, they traded you, and now you’re upset again.

Beckham is the most dramatic player in the NFL and brings a circus wherever he goes. Sure, he may be a top 5ish wide receiver, but that has rarely translated to wins in this league.


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