Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari Divorce Getting MESSY

Love is a beautiful thing…

…and love hurts.

Back in April 2020, for NFL quarterback Jay Cutler filed for divorce from his wife, Kristin Cavallari. It was a shock to many, but we don’t know the lives of these celebrities. We often hear and see the awesome couples out and about smiling. Yet, we don’t know them behind closed doors. We don’t know what is all for show for the cameras or if they are truly meant for one another. It’s kinda strange we care so much about people we don’t even know or wouldn’t give two hoots about us.

Either way, Jay and Kristin seemed to be going through their divorce proceedings smoothly. Nothing was wacky or wild, which is fortunate considering their three kids. No need for things to get messy or anything.

Well, that seems to all be changing now, as is reporting that Jay Cutler wants 50% of Kristin’s jewelry and apparel line company, Uncommon James. It must be worth some kind of serious cash because Jay is claiming half because it was launched while the two were together. Kristin argues that jay didn’t put a dime into the company and did it all on her own…thus, it is hers.

A fair counter strike if you ask me. 

I don’t know all the divorce laws. I don’t know any of the legal mumbo jumbo. None of it ever seems to be logical. I always go back to the Hulk Hogan-Linda Hogan breakup stuff. As far as I know, Hulk Hogan was the bread winner and brought home millions of dollars for nearly three decades, while Linda didn’t actually have a job or go to work. Yet, guess who won HUGE in that divorce settlement? Staying at home and raising the children absolutely deserves recognition and is a million full-time jobs wrapped into one. I can’t even imagine how tough my siblings and I were on my mom growing up, yet she did an amazing job. It had to be incredibly difficult.

Still though, Hulk got bent over and screwed big time despite clearly being the main man bringing home all the dough and buying all the fancy vehicles and big house. I will forever be confused by this stuff. Let’s hope Jay and Kristin figure things out. My gut tells me since she put in her own money and is doing everything on her own, she should keep it. Without knowing any of the documents signed or agreemtns, that is my thought.

What do you think?

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