Javier Baez is Baseball’s New Forgotten Star After Signing A Mega Deal With The Tigers

I guess “mega deal” is more of an exaggeration than anything but still a solid chunk of change for a guy who loves to fan the crowd with his swing. Baez like Seager will fall away into the “used to be” type of category.

Baez USED to be the GUY. Baez USED to be the best shortstop in baseball. Baez USED to have the most swagger in all of baseball. Baez USED to be someone you’d build a team around. Well him signing with the Tigers essentially lets the world know that’s over.

Baez will more than likely end his days in a Tigers uniform which will mean he won’t win another championship. The Tigers are one of the worst organizations in baseball right now and love locking up talent when they’re well past their prime.

Javier Baez will put some asses in the seats, but ultimately I can’t say whether or not they’ll be successful with him.

Baez is an all or nothing type of player which is awesome when he’s hot, but when he’s not….. it’s bad.

Looking forward to see how this affects the Carlos Correa market especially after the Rangers signed Corey Seager for 10 years 320 Million.

P.S. Mets fans are crazy people.

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