JaVale McGee is a Point Guard Now and No One Can Tell Me Otherwise #JaValeAfterDark

Written by schultzyca

Its 2021 the NBA is really positionless right? I think Cleveland Cavaliers JaVale McGee would agree with that statement. The two time NBA champion is not being held back by Steph Curry or LeBron James anymore so he can really showcase his talent and it is on full display tonight.

I am glad JaVale got his own fresh start where he can shine and really showcase his full potential. He really is the gift that keeps on giving and he has given us NBA fans a lot of great moments. When you talk about a player that has made a full 180 in their career McGee needs to be in those conversations.

Someone that was relentless clowned early on his career to becoming a contributing factor on two championship teams it really is a great story. I mean he still is getting clowned now but also has two rings now so he probably could care less. Anyways all I am asking for is more of point JaVale.

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